August 2000
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Province Lake Weekend - 8/18/00 - 8/20/00

Trip report and photos by Jack L.
Additional Province Lake photos are available at Judith's Yahoo Photo Page

After last minute injuries, cancellations, and no shows we had seven people. Jamie and Christiane headed to dinner while Jayn and I got the place ready. We hear that Christiane managed to offend the waitstaff at the Coo-Coo's Nest with outrageous demands. Later on Judith and Jim arrived, so we six began an intense game of "Mindtrap". By the time Jamie got the box open it was too late to try and figure out the directions, so we just tossed out the questions trivia style. We were humbled by our collective lack of knowledge on any subject.

Saturday dawned clear and calm, although a bit cool. Christiane couldn't wait to try her hand at kayaking, and after Jamie brought the boat in to the pier, off they went. A short time later Judith, Jim, Jayn, and I felt we had better check on them so we took off in the boat. After we were sure things were OK, we headed back to the cottage to be greeted by late arrival Sharon. The rest of the day was spent tubing and skiing. Sharon was first up to ski, and after she had showed her skills, I gave it a try (successful after 25 years). 

Supper was the traditional GONewEngland pot luck. Judith provided slaw and teriyaki chicken. Sharon put on some chicken and grilled veggies. Jayn marinated some steak tips which I then grilled to perfection. Some local corn topped off the meal.  Jamie offering unsolicited advice on the entire preparation. Oh yeah, Christiane supplied the beer!!

Later on we viewed those two classic films American Pie and Something About Mary.

Sunday was a bit cooler and windier than Saturday, but not enough to deter the tubers. Again Christiane and Jamie took to the kayaks, where they became involved in a daring rescue of an overturned sailboat! Well, Jamie at least was offering advice and encouragement. Christiane was struggling to stay afloat after taking on a bit of water due to the whitecaps.

Jim and Judith had to depart early, but the rest of us carried on! Jamie put on his game face and the skis to win a BIG bet. Then he actually cooked some lunch! Christiane provided the beer. Later the remaining five posed for the traditional group photo before calling it a weekend. See ya next year!

036.jpg (28357 bytes)
The "rock photo"Jamie, Sharon, Jayn, Jack, and Christiane.

002.jpg (29172 bytes)Jamie brings in the boat while Christiane tries the kayak
007.jpg (29105 bytes)Jamie & Christiane

008.jpg (29733 bytes)Judith & Jim

012.jpg (29062 bytes)Sharon gets ready to ski while I check the rope, Judith spots, Jim gives moral support

021.jpg (29724 bytes)Jayn ready to tube

023.jpg (28093 bytes)Sharon proudly shows her grilled chicken and tinfoil 

026.jpg (29107 bytes)Pot luck buffet with Jamie, Jim, & Jayn

029.jpg (28318 bytes)Jamie & Sharon on the patio

031.jpg (29316 bytes)Jamie can ski!!....

033.jpg (29905 bytes)but not well!!

Mt. Mansfield - August 12

Photo "Postcard" from Ruth C.

Tubing the Saco - August 12

Despite doubtful weather at the start, Jeff M's Saco Tubing event was just great!

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Saco River Tubing

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