July 2001
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BEAVER BROOK WALK - Hollis, NH - July 29
Activity run by Ken L.

For the uninitiated, Beaver Brook is a large private conservation area in Hollis, NH (not far from Nashua).  It's open to the public, and it's free.  Trails abound, and there are several ponds to check out.  Bird watchers frequent the place.  Many trails are dual-use (hiking and biking).  Visit the Beaver Brook site for a map, which they have recently scanned in, and then go.

We (Victor, Pam, Sean, Diane, Don, and Your Webmaster) arrived at around 10 at the Brown Lane Barn's parking lot.  Our puppy pals joined us, too.  That big black blob in front of Pam is Shadow, and that spry canine in front of Your Webmaster and Don is Jasper.  (Shadow's OK...I think he was just trying to get a jump on getting himself incredibly dirty before hopping back into Pam's car for the ride home.)


Our first stop was the flower garden, roughly .7 mi down one of the many trails.  There are all kinds of flowers there, and every time you go something different is in bloom.

Don and Jasper

Sean takes a rest

Pam mentioned how she wants
to rip up her yard and just
put in one big flower garden!

After that it was back into the woods and past some nice swampy areas .  One area looked recently flooded, as if the beavers of Beaver Brook were busy!

Indian pipe

GONewEnglanders always have time for a snack!    And Pam made some brownies!  Thanks, Pam!

Victor following the trail...right over the beaver dam.
(Try crossing that section in the springtime...)

After a pause for lunch at the big Wildlife Pond , we wandered back out of the woods and to the parking lot.  Nope, we didn't hit all of Beaver Brook.  We'll just have to leave that for another day.


The Beaver Brook Association has posted some of Your Webmaster's photos on their site.  Yours are welcome, too!

Activity run by and trip report from Ruth C.
Saturday was made to order for our paddle to the
seals/great white shark.  Good visibility under partly
sunny skies and temps were in the 70's with a light
wind.  Perfect paddling conditions.

I arrived at the launch site 15 minutes early to find
that all but 2 of our group (who appeared 5 minutes
later) were already there.  Our party of 9 was off to
a great start.

The tide pulled us out so quickly that in just under
an hour and a half, big black seal heads started
popping up all around us.  I couldn't believe we were
seeing them already - usually it takes another hour to
get out there.  The seals were very interested in us,
and kept popping up to check us out.  As we were
distracted by the seals in the water, we continued to
drift out and suddenly we noticed about a hundred
seals hauled out on a beach.  We beached ourselves
opposite the seals to have our lunch and enjoy the
show.  After about 10 paddling trips to this area,
this was the best seal-viewing I've experienced to

We paddled out a bit further after lunch, off the tip
of South Beach and along North Monomoy.  Noticing the
large breakers ahead, we turned around shortly
thereafter.  Several seals followed our group for at
least half way back, providing continuous
entertainment - as we were probably entertaining them.

Never did catch a glimpse of "Jaws", in spite of the
report that he was seen in the area a week before. 
Hmmmm... maybe that's why the group was paddling a
good 20 feet or so behind me!  I was the 'sacrificial

Special thanks to Joe H., for bringing up the rear and
providing a paddling primer for the less experienced
paddlers in our group.  There will always be space for
Joe on my trips (not just at the rear!), and I expect
to do this again next summer.  
Activity run by Larry K.
Pictures from Jeff M.

Jeff tossed together a few photos from the fun BBQ Larry K. ran in Salem, NH.

Click here to see 'em all!  And just check out the food.  Larry's roomie is in the culinary profession!

Activity and pics by Jeff M.

Click here to see pictures from Jeff's July 4th bash.  About 50-60 people were there (yikes!).  Many were from Nashua Singles, but Jeff isn't sure how many were GONewEnglanders.  Volleyball, horseshoes, darts, Bocci...and loads of food!  It was undoubtedly a great way to spend the Fourth of July.