September 2001
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Proudly displayed from atop Mt. Liberty...


A Global Tragedy - September 11, 2001
GONewEngland mourns the great loss we have all suffered in the terrorist attacks on Tuesday, September 11.

Our hearts go out to the friends, families, and loved ones of those whose lives were cut short in these senseless, barbaric acts.

Our thanks go to the fine men and women who continue to risk their own lives as they search for those still alive in the ruins.

America is honored by the support from our friends all over the world.  It is with your help that we will come out of this a stronger nation with the firm resolve to see justice done.

Let us work for peace and justice, and let us see an end to the blind hatred which fosters such evil deeds as what we witnessed on September 11.

Bob Williams and friends from GONewEngland and the AMC flew the Stars and Stripes from Mt. Liberty on September 15.  Click here for more information about the day's events.

Mt. Uncanoonuc - Sept 15 and Sept 16
Activities run by and Trip Report by Pam F. and Shadow
9/16 Hike Photos by Dawn S.

Additional photos are available for a short time here.


Tale of Two Identical Hikes - Sat 9-15 & Sun 9-16

Due to a mixup on my part with dates (I thought the 16th was Saturday for some reason) hikes were scheduled for both days. The weather was perfect both days, sunny but not too hot.

On Saturday Jen, Don, Shadow and I headed out after meeting at the bagel store. Don had hiked this mountain before but on a different trail. This was Jen's first hike on Uncanoonuc. Shadow was wearing his red, white and blue bow which he promptly lost on the way up the mountain. Fortunately Don found it on the way down. We had a nice leisurely hike and lunch at the top.

On Sunday Chris, Patty, Dawn, Jack, Linda, Diane, Sue, Kim, Shadow and I headed on out with a stop in town at the Sad Tomato Cafe. All were new to this hike except Shadow and I. We saw several dogs on the top of the mountain...most of them were Black Labs...Shadow's leash went back on. We had a leisurely lunch and some even napped. Jack woke up rather suddenly when Shadow kissed his face with Dawn manning the leash.

After the hike we enjoyed a pleasant dinner at Shorty's.

Black Mountain Pond Backpacking - Labor Day Weekend 2001
Activity/Photos/Report by Martin K.

Sheldon and myself started backpacking at noon on Saturday reaching the mountain pond after only 1.5 hours of hiking (with lots of mainly tech talk).

Sheldon’s friend Joe was already there. It deserves a lot of respect that Joe and his wife not only went backpacking with their two sons but also invited three nine year old friends and a grandfather.

Sheldon and I then prepared everything for the camp including pitching up the tents and saw firewood.

I then came up with the brilliant idea to throw a rope over a 15 feet high branch for our food bags. Unfortunately the rope got stuck on that branch and it took all our skills (and the whole afternoon ;) to get it back down. Bow and arrow played a vital part in the recovery efforts.

("Robin Hood" Sheldon in the picture)

The night was cool (upper 30’s to lower 40’s) but the wind calmed down in the morning for a beautiful day. After a morning swim in the pond I said goodbye to Sheldon who had to go back home to feed his bird.


I hiked Sandwich Dome by myself that day and enjoyed the very rewarding views of the lakes region and Presidentials.

(Martin on Sandwich Dome, with views of Mt.Washington)

When I came back to the camp I was surprised finding a new tent on the site. Susan decided to join me backpacking. She reached the pond after a little odyssey through the woods.

We cooked a delicious dinner (Rahmen Pasta : ) at our picturesque campsite right next to the pond and enjoyed the heat of the campfire.

When we hiked back Monday morning after a wonderful weekend we passed beautiful flowers in the meadow along the way.