Early 2006
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Tuckerman Ravine Skiing - April 9, 2006
Activity and Trip Report by Randy C.
Photos by Tim and Martin

Martin, Ashsish, Kathy, Randy

Kathy, Martin, Ashish, Tim and Randy met at the Pinkham Notch AMC.  Event host Randy forgot his camera, but Tim and Martin carried dueling pixels.  Martin and Randy humped skis, Ashish carried a mini sled.  Kathy carried better food.

Less than 2 hours from the base we arrived at HoJo’s – the Hermit Lake Shelter. 

Views of the Ravine and Hillman’s Highway open up as trees thin.

Specks on Hillmans are climbing the 1500’ vertical. 

Bright blue skies and light reflecting snow are driving temperatures into the sixties – perfect for tee’s, shorts, skiing and gawking.  Kathy, Ashish, Martin and Randy at lunch rocks. 

After a break, Martin and Randy donned skis, and started a 45 minute hike over the headwall.  Tim strapped on crampons and humped a camera to the steeps.  Ashish jumped on the sled and took spectator cheers for 4’ big air on the lower bowl slopes.  Tim took a position on the lip for photos and records the ascent behind,

and the lip overhead. 

Crazies were out today jumping the cliffs – take a look at the sequence, this is a 25’ jump from a 50 degree slope. 

Randy snuck past but Martin was caught schussing the lip. 

Temperatures plummeted and the corn crusted into ice as the sun faded and the party headed to the lower elevations.  Ashish and the mini sled joined Martin and Randy for the ride down the John Sherbourne.  After a 2000’ vertical drop - think Cannon top to bottom (on a sled for Ashish) the snow ran out and we combined to 5 for the trip to the base.  Dins afterward at the Red Jacket and we split for home.

Ashish, Kathy, Tim, and Randy

Maudslay State Park Walk - February 20, 2006
Activity and report by Greg...oops!...Gary M.
Photo by Egils

It was a dark and stormy night...Oops! Wrong trip! Let's try this again...Ehem

I met up with Joyce Z. and her husband Egils, Joey, Joyce P., and Nancy who was accompanied by her husband, John. Rather than being dark and stormy, it was bright and calm with nary a cloud in the clear blue sky. We mostly walked the trail loop that I had skied the previous Monday. One would never have guessed that the ground had been covered by about a foot of snow the previous week.

The walk was very tame, except for the fact that last week's wind storm blew down some trees of impressive size, most of which appeared to be of the pine variety. Workers in the park had already taken to the downed trees with their chain saws, clearing up the way for us to enjoy the trails. One particularly large pine tree had its entire root system pulled up out of the ground.  Nancy, Joyce Z. and I were dwarfed by this root system as Egils took a
photograph of us.

Egils and Joyce Z. expanded our knowledge of the park's trail system, showing us a nice loop that brought us down to the shore of the Merrimack River. There we came upon a small, aluminum skiff at the shore. We entertained the idea of scurrying across the ice covered shore with the boat to get into the open water, but thought better of that when we realized that it lacked a paddle. Really, that's the only reason we didn't use it...really!

Anyway, once we regained our senses, we continued on with our loop with Egils as our guide. He led us to a dam which afforded beautiful views of the Merrimack, as well as of Artichoke reservoir which is formed by the dam. There we spied two adult-sized red tailed hawks. After soaking in the view and observing the hawks for a while, we decided that we had explored enough, and made our way back to the parking lot.

Along the walk, I: learned all sorts of valuable information about bidding strategies on Ebay from Joey; learned that Joyce Z. is planning to submit artwork for consideration in the 2008 summer Olympics being held in China; and that my name is really Greg. Bet ya didn't know that one, huh?