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Photos and Trip Reports
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Click on the links to the left for some photos and reports of
Get Outdoors New England

Let these photos whet your appetite and inspire you to Get Outdoors and Make New Friends!

The links on the left side of the page let you visit our photos and reports over the years.

Photos and trip reports by name can be found on the Alphabetical List.

Share your GONewEngland photos...


Send a link to a web page with photos and/or a trip report to Ken, and he'll let everyone know about it in the Newsletter.


Send web-viewable photos (usually JPGs) to Ken via e-mail.  Please edit and compress the photos before sending them and include a brief description of each in your mail.

Problems, missing photos, etc:  Please report any problems with this web site to Ken.

About Digital Cameras:

Your Webmaster is often asked about digital cameras.  Click here for resources and my own thoughts.

About the photos & use of the photos:


All photographs were taken by Ken Leonard (Get Outdoors New England Webmaster) unless otherwise noted and remain the possession of the original photographer.  Camera used by Ken:  Casio QV-2000UX digital camera (through April 10, 2004); Canon Powershot A75 after April 10, 2004.  Most photographs displayed here have been edited (at the very least cropped and compressed).


The original uncompressed digital images (generally true color 800x600) are available if you would like one.  You can have the image files printed by commercial web sites such as OFoto or EMemories.  Contact Ken to request the files.


Non-commercial use of any photo is permitted as long as credit is given to the photographer and the Get Outdoors New England web site.


Use of any photo on a commercial web page or commercial hardcopy publication is limited to one of the following:

Where there is a profile of Get Outdoors New England, such as in a magazine article about the web site


Where there is link to the Get Outdoors New England web site with a brief description of the GONewEngland web site, as on a page with links to outdoor activity web sites

For all other use of the photographs in a commercial publication or on a commercial web site please contact Ken.

Credit must always be given to the photographer and/or the Get Outdoors New England web site no matter where the photo is used.